VidStream Pro Professional Review

VidStream Pro Professional Review

😎 Hello friends, today we have created a complete details information review about VidStream Pro Professional software.

Hopefully, after reading the complete review article, you will be able to clearly know all the information related to the VidStream Pro Professional product, and can choose whether the software will really be useful for your business or not.

VidStream Pro Professional Review 2023 – Host Your Own Video Channels, Sell Courses + Much More

Introduction: VidStream Pro Professional Review

VidStream Pro Professional is the Only Video Hosting That Saves You Time & Money
👉The main features of this software are:

✅ Cuts 100’s of hours of uploading & downloading between apps

✅ Saves $100’s /m by replacing multiple apps

✅ Saves $1000’s of hours on Page / Channel & Course Creation*

✅ Saves you $1000’s on essential legal documents

✅ Get Higher Conversions by Thinner, Faster Loading Landing Pages

✅ Serve Buffer Free Video WITHOUT Huge monthly costs

✅ Play Video Using Our Player from Cloud/S3/Dropbox /One drive/

What is VidStream Pro Professional?

Vidstream Pro is a lightning fast video hosting platform that allows you record & host your own videos, landing pages, channels &membership areas with every tool you can think of for video marketing & broadcasting.

✅ You can transcode your videos to multiple video sizes to suit the social platform or project of your choice.

✅ You can transcribe any video into text to help you dual purpose your content & create the file required for subtitling.

✅ You can add subtitles to any video to help you drive more engagement on social media & sales videos.

What Problem Does it Solve?

💡Cuts 100’s of hours of uploading & downloading between apps

💡Get Higher Conversions With Thinner, Lightning Fast Landing Pages

💡Saves 1000’s of hours on Page / Channel & Course Creation

💡Serve Buffer Free Video WITHOUT Huge monthly costs

💡Saves you $1000’s on essential legal documents

💡Host video without third party branding / ads

VidStream Pro Professional Review| Overview:

✅Vendor: Firas Alameh

✅Product: VidStream Pro

✅Official Website: Click here

✅Front-End Price: $47

✅Niche: General

✅Money-Back Guarantee: Available 30 days

✅Recommendation: Highly Recommended


🎞️ Watch this short video to check out VidStream Pro Professional Review in action:

VidStream Pro Professional Review | How It Works?

VidStream Pro Professional Review | How It Works?

Step-1 Image

🎯Step #1: Record/Upload/Import
Easily upload or record or import your videos

Step-2 Image

🎯Step #2: Customize
Change your player skins & video options

Step-3 Image

🎯Step #3: Publish
Publish & share anywhere!

🔷Get 3 Exclusive Features:

You Won’t Find On Any other Hosting App

❇️ 1: Personalized Channels 👉Build your following with your own branded channel & playlist.

❇️ 2: Instant Landing Pages 👉Turn any video into your own branded landing page in a few clicks.

❇️ 3: Multi Thumbnail Tools 👉Use multiple tools & 1M+ images to create your perfect thumbnail.

VidStream Pro Professional Review || Users Opinion’s

User opinion image-1

User opinion image-2

User opinion image-3

VidStream Pro Professional Review || Why should you buy it?

Using VidStream Pro Professional software will open up another golden opportunity for you to earn online.
👉Using this software, you can create your own courses and earn money by selling them online.

Create & Sell Your Own Courses Image

🔷You Can Create & Sell Your Own Courses in A Few Clicks


Why Trust Us? VidStream Pro Professional Review

VidStream Pro Professional tool’s Corporate Grade Video Security benefits include the following features:

🔷Anti-piracy protection
👉Our powerful DRM security blocks your videos from being downloaded using the same technology as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

👉Add your own logo to your videos to discourage piracy & add promote your own branding

👉You can easily prevent illegal sharing of your videos with a password or whitelist your domains to allow only your videos to be hosted.

🔷Country Blocking
👉Some of your traffic will come from countries you will never do business with – you can block these countries from playing your videos.

⭐VidStream Pro Professional Features:

🎯Video Recording Apps to record your video.

🎯Transcribing Apps to record to get a full video transcript for extra content & SEO benefits.

🎯Subtitling Apps to add subtitles to your video for extra engagement.

🎯Transcoding Apps to resize your video for different social platforms.

🎯Video Hosting Apps to host & serve your videos without buffering.

🎯Page Building Apps to build your landing pages, content & offers.

🎯Private Channel Apps to showcase your videos & content without third party ads or branding.

🎯Course Membership Apps to sell your video content to others.

👇Other functional features have been included:


❇️AI Subtitles

❇️AI Transcribing

❇️Text To Speech

❇️Direct Video Links

❇️Responsive Embeds

❇️SEO Optimized


❇️Email GIF/JPG Embeds




❇️Play from Cloud

❇️Password Protect


❇️DRM Security

❇️Domain Embed


❇️Custom Branding

❇️Custom Profiles

❇️Instant Legal Pages

❇️Hot Key Player Controls

❇️1M+ Royalty Free Images/Vid Clips

❇️Player Speed Control

❇️Player Customization

❇️Direct Video Imports

❇️On Page Schema

VidStream Pro Professional Is Perfect For:

✅Product Creators

✅Affiliate Marketers

✅Coaches & Consultants

✅Physical Product Sellers




Some Interesting Bonuses with the Product:

Premium Bonus #1: Dropshiply ($400k Launch Product)

Premium Bonus #2: Viral Dashboard ($300k Launch Product)

HostLegends #3: Complimentary 1 Month Shared Hosting Trial

The Funnel Details:

⭐ Front End Vid Stream Pro: Price: $67 – £147 One Time + Recurring

⭐ OTO1: Marketing Pack: Price: $97 One Time

⭐ OTO2: Course / Membership Pack: Price: $97 One Time

⭐ OTO3: Web Agency / Reseller: Price: $297 – $597

⭐OTO4: VIP Academy: Price: $197

VidStream Pro Professional Review | Pros & Cons:

❇️ Pros:

✅Save Up To 90% On Video Hosting!

✅Unlimited Bandwidth

✅Text To Speech

✅Social Streaming

✅Multi Lingual Videos


⛔No significant cons until now

Is there a 30 day money back guarantee facility?

30 days money back image

You will be happy to know that with this VidStream Pro Professional you get the benefit of 30 days money back guarantee.

👉That is, if you do not get any benefit from using this software within 30 days, you will definitely get your money back without any hassle.

My Final Honest Opinion:

👉You have to check out this video hosting app… it reduces 90% of your video publishing and monetization workload.
This product does a lot including recording, transcribing and subtitling your videos

✅In a few clicks, it creates your own branded video landing page ready to go.

✅With an upgrade, you can create a fully developed course members area.

💡The facility that lets you sell things faster…. You can do everything in one place without having to upload and download videos between multiple apps or apps…

This app is developed by a hosting company that already serves 40,000+ videos on 120 global pop servers…

👉 Friends, after completing the above article, I hope you have a clear understanding of the quality and benefits of this product, so I would recommend you all to buy this product and take your business one step further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How Can VidStream Pro Offer One Time Deals?
We are specialists in hosting so we have the best infrastructure in place already, we also offer recurring products in the funnel to cover costs. One time deals will be taken down as we reach our new user targets.

Q Will I Experience Buffering or Outages?
We aim to deliver 100% buffer free video 99.99% of the time even at 4K resolutions. We recommend HD video lower than 100MB for best performance/load speed for sales & landing pages.

Q What If I Need Extra Storage Capacity Later?
You will be able to upgrade to the offer available at the time whilst Granddaddy deals are open.

You can also direct link videos from the cloud without using any of your hosting allowance which means cheap storage will never be a problem.

Q Is There a Development Roadmap?
Yes for the next 3 years we aim to ad many extra features, new integrations. We listen to our users to deliver the best value video hosting on the market & make life easy for you with your video broadcasting efforts.

Q Why Do I Need Video Hosting?
Video hosting allows you to use an unbranded player on your website to reduce your server load & increase your page performance. It also ensures your visitors are not bombarded with third party ads or branding.

Q Can I Be Sure VidStream Pro Will Not Disappear?
Please Google Vidmingo (our sister product) & Prime-host – you will see that the products we launched in the past are still there – albeit you will notice the granddaddy deals have now gone. We are here to stay.

Q Why Should I Trust VidStream Pro?
We have 20+ Staff, 24/7 Support, 60 Pop servers already serving over 100TB of video per month to over 5000 users on our sister platform Vidmingo. Our aim is to grow our business by quality of service & recommendations.

Q Are There Any Resrictions on Videos I Can Upload?
We can’t host anything copyrighted, illegal, fradulent, pornographic or gambling related. Our merchant processors/distribution partners will not allow us to distribute such content. As a rough rule as long as it doesn’t cause us any issues it’s OK.


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